Friday, August 1, 2008

To blog or not to blog?! 8.11.2008

I debated and debated over blogging about the recent life experiences ( insert a scarring living arrnagement and/or moving out story here) that I felt have made me grow in some way. However while a lesson was learned I have never been the type of person who likes to rehash old wounds. While this only happened a little over two weeks ago I am already over what happened. I was able to push past what happened and am no longer in contact with the people responsible for the problems caused. I was super angry at first, I then became bitter and as quickly as it all happened I just forgot about it. Well, that'sa lie I didn't forget about it because if I started thinking about it, it still makes my blood boil a little. But in the end if it isn't happening right now, did I miss the moment to sit and blog about it? Aren't I then just complaining? Does anybody really want to hear me bitch about roommates that I have already moved on from?
This is a road block i feel to being a successful blogger. Do I sit down and share my daily wisdom as it bestowed upon me? Or do I make a conscious effort to put forth a well thought out blog that more describes the way I like to present myself. I have a very stream of conciousness style of blogging in me. But I also like to put forth a more streamlined, put together, finished product. There in lies the problem and I have yet to figure out if my blog entries should be more of an honest journal for others to read or more like the life lessons that I can sum up through my experiences while passing on some level of intellect and not just babbling to see if people read what I have to say about ME.
I do think my blog will evolve on its own but in order to really represent me I think I may have to make one blog about my triathlon and athletic interests. One about my life and even one more about my artistic journeys with my poems and such. Can one person really require three blogs?
Stay tuned!

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