Wednesday, July 23, 2008

100 truths...

100. I love strawberry flavored things
99. I have 4 brothers and 2 sisters ( I won't break it down into step, half or full because we've all been a part of each other's lives too long to not count them all as straight up siblings)
98. I have weird big toes and I am super insecure about them.
97. My love affair with the beach began when I was a kid with Ocean City, MD and anyone who trashes it verbally will be shot.
96. My oldest brother is an unbelievable soccer player and it kills me that he isn't playing pro right now
95. I was in People magazine. The one with baby Jessica on the cover. I won a contest for being cute in Osh Gosh B'Gosh clothes.
94. Since watching Matilda I have always wanted special powers.
93.I don't really like ice cream but if I am going to eat it, it better have cookies of some sort in it.
92. I have never had a cavity in my life and I eat more candy than should be lawful.
91. I also don't have health insurance so I don't go to the dentist a lot.
90. Laundry can be found in every crevice of my room, and I like it that way.
89. My favorite color is purple, or green, or orange, or yellow. Depends on the day. But definitely not red.
88. My parents got divorced before I hit double digits and I developed a heart murmur (smart child!) to get some attention.
87. I frequently won coloring contests as a child.And maybe that is why I have such an innate desire to "stay in the lines"
86. When given a microphone I act shy but am dying on the inside to belt out and WOW everyone.
85. This is a result of my parents whore-ing me out at the Carney Crab House to do Karaoke as a child.
84. My (22 year old) younger brother is one of my best friends
83. Harrowing car experiences have made me a better woman. I can change my oil, a tire and a window if I should so need to (again)
82. I have a very difficult relationship with my father, he is the greatest man I have known, while my likeness to him is the biggest obstacle I have had to overcome in my adult life.
81. I only buy costume jewelry because I will lose it no more than 3 months after I purchase it. ( Just bought a necklace and I have NO idea where it is)
80.I don't cry, like seriously ever. But that does not mean I am not a girly girl who wants to be swept up and twirled and dipped and absolutely overwhelmed with emotion.
79. Kids are my passion. ( In a non creepy way)
78. While skateboarding on my knees at my house on Nathan Court I broke my two front teeth.
77. I then proceeded to break them 6 more times. They are currently broken also, see # 91
76. When cooking something I like to put one small piece in first, like one macaroni noodle in before the water even boils.
75. My youngest (11 year old) brother is one of the best things that has ever happened to me. Ever.
74. I will strive to have a marriage like that of my mother and my step father.
73. I wish I had stuck with dancing because I have it in my blood.
72. I swore I would never be a waitress and here I am today, a kick ass server at a Seafood restaurant.
71. Breakfast for dinner is by far the best dinner I could ask for.
70. I am the loudest person I know. And have been told so by at least 500 other people.
69. I credit my sexual repression to an early start in catholic school.
68. I dropped out of college, twice. And I am okay with that.
67. I have yet to learn that I am not the funniest, smartest or cutest girl in the room at all times.
66.I have never been in love.
65. I give my heart away at the drop of hat, so maybe I've loved everyone I've been with.
64. I used to be called Cinderella because I have an wicked step mother and two evil step sisters. But I've since found out they are more evil to each other, not so much to me..
62. I will never forget the day my mom told me she couldn't forgive me for going to Texas instead of going to her mothers funeral. I was 12.
61.I have a slight obsession with my Baltimore Ravens and there really is no point to life when football isn't on. (Sorry O birds)
60.My name means more to me than maybe it should, I will never change it. Married or not.!
59. I grew up with Michael Phelps and I will remain his biggest fan.
58. When I was living in California I had a pet bum, who lived outside my bedroom window. His name was Socks.
57. I keep putting off getting my tattoo because I am not sure I really want to be inked forever.
56. I would die without my best friend Morgan.
55. I have an obsession with palm trees.
54. I wish I never heard the phrase "jack of all trades master of nothing" because it alone has caused more damage in my development than any other single statement. I am learning to use it to my advantage.
53. My face is off limits. I have the most odd abhorrence to anyone putting their hands near my head neck or face. So don't because I turn green like the hulk.
52. I always did the worst in the classes that I was best at.
51. I don't like chocolate. At all. (unless it's over a candy bar)
50. I am a middle child and I always act like it.
49. I am dying to fall in love, messy or not I like a challenge
48. Triathlons were a lot easier when I hadn't done any yet.
47.I can remember sitting with my childhood friend Shannon and her parents discussing my wedding dress.
46. I don't think I will actually get married. Ever.
45. I was born to be a mother and I can't wait until I can snuggle my babies and grow them to be the most amazing people. Until then I will gladly take care of anyone else's children!
44. I used to have a fear of bridges, until I got over it. (pun intended)
43. I stood in line with my Step Dad for Nashville Star and when he didn't get called back I secretly wished death upon Billy Ray Cyrus and anyone involved with the passing of his talents.
42. I played soccer as a kid to be like my brother and dad.
41. All my life people have said I look like the girl who was in Andre, Corrina Corrina , Water World and more recently Napoleon Dynamite. I still don't know her name.
40. I have an uncanny ability to listen to and follow my intuition and it has yet to fail me.
39. I love being 5 foot tall.
38. Racial jokes are not funny to me and I will make it known.
37. I have never smoked anything in my life and I don't plan to.
36. If I could wake up tomorrow and be a nurse, I would be. But I dropped out of nursing school.
35. I am deathly afraid of failure.
34. I am also scared of the dark. Still. At24.
33. I want to change someones life for the better and know about it.
32. When my nails grow long and are well manicured a change in my life is about to come.
31. I have an attraction to 30 somethings and my Dad called the last one a pedophile.To his face.
30. I refuse to be "that" girl and keep changing my definition of who or what exactly "that girl" is.
29. I have intimacy issues. See above #31
28. Crossing the finish line of my first triathlon was supposed to make me feel incredible but I actually felt nothing.
27. Playing the "name game" with my Dad as a kid was one thing that saved us from the torturous rides back and forth to each parents house in Maryland and Virginia.
26. A friend of mine got raped in middle school and I remember not being scared but instead thinking she was stupid.( She was drinking )
25. There is nothing better in this world to me than celebrating a birthday.
24. Milk is probably my favorite drink, but I don't like it ice cold.
23. Skulls are an obsession of mine and I fear it will manifest into me covering my body with skull tattoos and becoming an actual pirate.
22. Is my favorite slash lucky number.
21. I refuse to make a New Year's resolution or give something up for lent.
20. I am truly happy when those around me are happy.
19. I have spent a great deal of my being, on creating myself to be a girl who is unlike any other. That is what keeps me ticking.
18.I don't hold grudges I get over things so so so easily. Just don't rile me up in the first place, it seems like I am going to jump out of my skin and kill someone but I do NOT know how to NOT be at level 100. At all times.
17. My long hair is part of who I am and that is a HUGE reason why I want to cut it off, just as other people start defining me by it. ( i recently cut it shoulder length with bangs and people went ape shit telling me this is the hair style for me... We will see.)
16. When people spell things wrong it irritates the crap out of me.
15. I took Spanish for 8 years of my life and I can barely speak it now.
14. My dog Summer was by far the best pet I have ever had and my pretty much emotionless older brother was devastated by her death, and thereby solidified the fact that she was indeed, the greatest.
13. My insight and wisdom are far beyond my years but for some reason I am no better off in life because of it.
12. I have no filter when it comes to speaking my mind. I have a lot of friends because of it.
11. I wore Mickey and Minnie mouse spandex in fifth grade.
10. Reading books and writing poetry was how I learned to escape at an early age.
9. I want to live on an exotic beach but could never move away from my family.
8. Chick flicks are the worst thing ever. Again, I don't cry.
7. My step brother used to say the words "crap" and "damn" when we were younger and I would scold him, I now curse like a sailor.
6. Because of my upbringing in a catholic school I will never force that upon my children.
5. Since I can remember I have avoided taking showers every day.
4. I have embodied everything I ever criticized about my mother.. (i.e. she hates the cold, the way she flips her long hair, her strong legs.)
3.My sister threw a punch at me ( and landed it) years ago and it has changed the way I look at life.
2. My dad used to yell at me when I couldn't swallow a pill when I was a kid and sick. I will now forgo pills until I am knocking on death's door.
1. I only make to do lists if I have already completed 50 percent of the things on the list. Except my list of 100 things to do before I die.


  1. Hi Brookie! I like your blog :))
    Shouldn't #89 be "my favorite colorS ARE..." hee hee. I'm bored. You can go to my blog and make corrections if you want. Miss you.

  2. Me again. Yeah, #70...make that 501 people.

  3. lovely, i finally was reviewing the comments on my "100 things" page, and let me tell you...


    clearly, we're awesome. consider you bookmarked and in my reader :)

    xo, bb

  4. your necklace is probably under a piece of your dirty laundry...


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