Tuesday, March 22, 2011

I'll sleep when I'm dead..

A phrase I am often fond of saying to other people whilst they are pussing out on some adventure I would like a partner in.

But a phrase I also seriously tend to live by.
I love sleep. Do NOT get me wrong. Lazy Sundays.. yeah, during football season there will probably be no adventures to be had when my Baltimore boys are playing.

However, I have found I'm more inclined to fill up this time with a second job.
As I write this I am avoiding studying for my training sesh at a new job. A new second job, I should be clearer.

I have a Monday thru Friday janks... and I love waking up to play with kids.
But it's also not the most economically smart move to throw my heart and soul into one child care facility. Because my wallet might as well be tossed into a bonfire at that point.

I love it. I do. And I hope that my hard work pays off and I accomplish some really great thing at this place. I plan to move up. (for the first time I also plan on making sure my achievements and efforts are rewarded or compensated, kinda tired of being the right hand man who has nothing to show for it except cool words to add to my resume)

But I am too damn hyper to sit idly by and spend all that hard earned money on some really cool adventures, just to have a story.

I'm the girl who will plan out an adventure to a T. But I gotta work for it first. Earn a day off or two.

So here goes nothing as I race ahead to fill my schedule to have one day off and many days on.. and sleeping... well.. when I am dead.

..stay tuned.

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