Sunday, September 18, 2011

Right as Rain

I just reread the last two posts. And they could not have more different tones.

One speaks of happiness and joy and how everyday I strive to be there. To smile about something. It is usually rather easy for me.

and then

the most recent post speaks to my darker tones that are always there but not always at the surface. And that's just who I am.

Those two posts probably describe me most completely. I am one person with multiple sides. My favorite side is the happy go lucky side that lives for each day and is thankful for every stinkin thing that is positive in her life.
I can't think of another way to be.

Except when I am. Dark and emotional and in need of a lent hand to pull me out.
I will probably never ask for such a hand. But if I find there is a person in my life who grows to love me and knows all of me inside and out. They will hopefully be able to be that hand. Cuz I could have used a dominating force yesterday to throw the covers off of me and tell em to get my ass out of bed and stop wallowing.

So I may not have a type of man. I do have specific character traits that he will need. The ability to pick me out of my rabbit hole when life is behind me chasing me into it.

..stay tuned.

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