Friday, September 19, 2008

Fabulous Fridays... my new tradition

Here it is Friday morning (ish, 11am counts as the morning right?) and I can barely control my excitement. I have a fabulous party to attend tonight and I feel like it may be the first real "adult"party I have been to. Certainly not the last.

You know the kind where you dress up and think about your outfit for days and you think you should tell US weekly and People to all send their best paparazzi because you are going to be looking fan-fucking-tastic. The kind where you will walk through the door, on the guest list and leave your inhibitions behind you.

Well, let me rethink that. It is the Grand Opening of a bar in Baltimore my cousin partly owns I think. It is called Luckies Tavern and it has this mobster vegas-y kind of theme. How can this not be super fantastico?This is what twenty something girls dream of. This is what Sex and the City was made of. Holy Awesome Friday night Batman!

So let me go over my list and make sure I have everything I could possibly need for this night to be in the list of Fabulous Fridays.
*Have my digital camera. Uncheck. Dangsies where could it possibly be?!?

*On the guest list. Check

*Have a fabulous outfit to wear. Check..ish. Need shoes still. (Helloooo DSW!)

*Got a chunk of change in my pockets. Check(I doubt there will be an ounce of inexpensitivity, yup new word.)

*Have tons of friends who are also going. Check

*A fabulous cover band or two playing the whole night. Check (Mr. Greengenes is playing, enough said.)

*Have brothers in attendance so they can intimidate any guy who gets out of line that I can't scare away all on my own. Check

*Have a safe place to crash. Check... well we will see where the night takes me. It is nice weather tonight so the streets of Baltimore could be comfy! (Hey I've got a thing for Edgar Allen Poe maybe I want to see what life was like for him. )

Only Kidding.

Now see fabulous Fridays started on accident. And I just now came up with a name for them. Yes, just this moment they became fabulous and not "fierce" or "Effing amazing" or any other alliteration I could come up with.
The last two weekends, haven't really been weekends. Working two jobs I never seem to know what day it is. But it always seems to work out that Fridays I have open. And it just so happens that I decided I would wait for no one to have a good time on these Fridays because they seem to be my only day. So off I went to wherever I wanted to and I woke up Saturday mornings with a stupid grin on my face because I had a blast the night before and it was all on my own. I danced my little heart out and made tons of friends (or enemies if you consider a bet made with former Redskin Brian Mitchell: 100 bucks that the Ravens would get 8 wins this season, Former Redskin slash enemy but he was smiling) Either way, this Friday should continue the new tradition and I am super excited.

Oh and my mom ( who lives in Baltimore and gets to reap the benefits of a fabulous Friday taking place near the city.) is taking my 3 brothers and I out to Outback. If it ended there it would be a fabulous Friday!

Off to get new shoes... I will channel my inner Carrie and find the most elaborate piece of footwear to go with my new purple dress! (I am not very girly, except when it comes to shoes and I almost let out a squeal when I read that!)

..stay tuned.

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