Monday, September 29, 2008

Run Forrest...

I went running today. Oh I love being able to say that.
It h
as been weeks (more than I would like to admit) since I have laced up my shoes and set out to pound the pavement.


I did it. Now I know I told you I am a triathlete but sometimes ya just get lazy, or busy, or worse... both. I the bearer of two jobs have been busy but I the triathlete have also been lazy.

Luckily in the new pad that I am living there is a glorious path behind the house. It is a wide gravel path. It is lined with trees and therefore shaded perfectly. It is the end of September but the heat can still get to you.

Along the path are always nature's wonders but today I was stopped by one in particular. Literally I stopped running and stood in awe. It was a gorgeous bird. Maybe a blue heron? I am no bird watcher so I don't know but it's things like that that make a good run worthwhile. Not the exercise. That's an added bonus but to get to see things like that are little treats.
I have to work on getting back into the gym (I mean I am paying 35 dollars a month to feel like a fat lazy workaholic right now.) But until then I am going to get back on that path. Who knows maybe I will pick up a new hobby of bird watching ( yeah cuz that's what I need, a new hobby, I definitely don't have enough) ...stay tuned.

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