Thursday, September 18, 2008

Two jobs, Less Money?

That's not right!!! Isn't there supposed to be more money when you work a second job? Silly me, that's what I thought when I got into this whole waitressing thing. ( if you can, imagine Adam Sandler slowly working up to a scream on that last sentence)

I swore. SWORE up and down that I would never be a server. I just get flustered by people too easily. Seems contrary to my overall personality. You know, the loud, abrasive, aggressive, loud, fiery,bubbly, fun, loud, don't mess with me,tell it like it is, super happy normal part of my personality. But in a "customer is always right" setting, it's easy to feel like you can't do anything right. Especially when they get the final say in how much they tip you at the end of the night. Dangsies.
So shift number 2 at
The Dock is over... and I still have less than 50 bucks in my pocket. Double dangsies. Hey it's a great learning curve, sure. And I suppose not everyone makes hundreds of dollars in their first week at a new job... Bubba. (He's been a server for two years, and kicking ass at his new job, where they said they'd never hire him. )( Never say never should be the real title I guess.)

I have to say the people there are nice. Very nice. The owner scared the bajeebus out of me at first. I don't get intimidated much. Opposing my 5 foot short stature, I can usually hold my own{or at least be louder than them long enough to quiet their intimidation factor.}No, not with this guy, he didn't crack a smile for quite some time. So I got a little excited when he passed by me last night and said "Brooooooke Brooke Broooke" in a rather playful tone. Yay! He knows my name!

Okay so of course he knows my name. But he is engaging me in light conversation. Not the "this is our philosophy here at
The Dock" kind of conversation, which scares the crap out of me because in some crevice of my mind I have convinced myself that I could bring this whole restaurant crashing down. Okay, okay a bit egotistical on my part, yes. Luckily my irrational fears were calmed a little bit last night. My wallet, still empty.

So here's the crazy question. Am I looking at job number 3? Why yes I am. Honestly. I have figured a way that I could possibly work another 3 days a week as a substitute teacher and make some actual money. Free time? Social Life? What 23 year old reeeeallly wants to party still?{that was a joke... a big sad joke}

Let's just hope that three jobs does the trick and I don't have to start contemplating going back to school! Gasp! Oh the horror!

...stay tuned.

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