Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Little Spoon

I am five feet tall. The decibel levels my voice can reach are deceiving because I am indeed a little girl.

So tell me how it is possible that I find all the men in the world that want to be the little spoon?

What the shit is this? I dated the firefighter and besides the fact that for the longest time he didn't know what "spooning" was, once he learned he was adamant that I should be the one wrapping my arms around him and snuggling his back into my chest.

Oh come on!

I know I am an overbearing loud obnoxious brute woman who will try to kick your ass. But what I really want is someone who knows that its all just a game and to show me how quickly they can make me feel like a tiny little girl again. By roughing me around and proving just how little my punches actually hurt. That's fine.

Or how about pulling me in close and making me feel so small tucked into your big man body. Sheesh. Is that so much to ask?

So this weekend when my guy BFF and I decided to lay next to each other, I pulled his arms around me and the immediate question was "what makes you think you get to be the little spoon?" Uhhhhhhhh (insert shrill shriek here) And as we rolled away from each other to lay on separate sides of the bed, I laughed.

How is it possible that I always find the ones who actually want to be the little spoon? On occasion is fine. I am all about balance. Giving and taking. So I would never dream of always being the little spoon but for pete's sake can we just go by the general rule of:

Big man= Big Spoon
Little woman= little spoon.
I mean for real.

...stay tuned.


  1. LOL!

    Yes. I want to always be the little spoon. That's just how it's supposed to be damnit!

    Great to meet you! I'm gonna add you to my reader. xoxo

  2. I hate when guys want to be the little spoon! I'm all for cuddlin' but it feels so awkward.


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