Monday, July 13, 2009

Monkey Fightin' Snakes

It's monday and I am just now slowing down. Ugh. Working weekends pretty much blows but a girls' gotta do something to pay the bills right?

I met some guy last night who decided that in five minutes I was the asset his high powered law firm was looking for in their events planning department.

Um? Seriously?

Is this guy completely full of shit or what? Did I tell him that I really think my future is in event planning? Weird. I mean, he deemed me smart,personable and a hard worker and a few other flattering things that I can't even remember because I really could not decide if he could possibly see these things from one conversation at my bar.
Time Out: I just looked up his law firm... which does exist thankfully. However I am pretty good with names and I cannot find his anywhere on their "professionals" tab. So he totally works for this company as the mail guy. Sweet.

Oh also, sheesh I almost forgot. (p.s. my new word is sheesh, I like it, so deals with it. Oh yea putting on an "s" on random words is fun too. And Mary-Kate and Ashley are my idols so what?! (only kidding I like Amy Winehouse much more))

My sister and my bestie and I are going to do a half marathon. Hahahahaha I mean. I might survive and walk it but they will both probably train correctly and end up doing it. I on the other hand go on long runs, that consist of me getting lost, walking to ensure that my heart does not jump out of my chest and running so slow that when I come back an hour later I've actually not gained any ground I just went way slower. Awesome I love running.

I mean the Triathlon was bad enough, but it had enough tempo changes and straight up switching of events that my ADD brain couldn't come up with a reason not to finish the current event because there was actually an end in sight.

But running? Just plain ol' Forrest Gumping it? I mean I'd run a lot longer and faster if you gave me something to run from...
Come to think of it that may be a genius plan..

I'm gonna run from:

My future and having to think about it in any way shape or form.

Growing up. (Michael Jackson was on to something, Neverland here I come!)

A serious relationship with, ugh, a boy.

Third dates with boys. ("ass face" nickname boy, I'm already over it. Apparently I have no heart.)

Cleaning my life. (yes I have to put it that unspecific because if I thought about all the things I needed to clean up, literally clean, I would cry. And then I would have to run from my feelings too and that just seems something crazy people do.)

The fact that I have no credit and I am still driving my shit car that makes me want to cry (crap! see next item to run from...)


Okay I am pretty sure that is a good enough list of things to run from. I mean I could run from "the law" that would be a lot cooler, but, I won't.
For now.

...stay tuned.

p.s. Listening to Billy Currington's "stay" is breaking my heart, he is so sexy and I want someone to sing that song to me! Ugh. I'm gonna run from my sad sack love life too.

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  1. I think it's a general rule that all mailroom guys have to be really weird.


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