Monday, December 22, 2008

"Please sit on my face"

I've been on a Grandma's Boy kick lately. I've seen it like 12 times but I love it and I go to sleep to it every night now.(where the title comes from, I'm not a perv)

So I'm not usually one to follow the crowd, but I will on this one.

Tis the season for blog hiatus'. And I will be taking a (super lame) spot on that bandwagon.

I am still working two jobs, reconnecting with the ex, simultaneously trying to date about 3 other men, shopping for the 24 people on my Christmas list, living in a basement..etc.

(BTW I'm planning on feuding with some family members and or ditching some friends by this time next year so I don't go as broke shopping for these bitches.)

And well, I'm busy. And I think I need a fresh perspective. I'm getting stale ( not me as a person, but my bloginess). And the writing isn't coming as easily. Plus BWP is doing it, and if all the cool kids are doing it. Then I am too!

So there...

...stay tuned.

(It won't be that long I promise all 2 of you!)

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