Thursday, December 18, 2008

Sleep is King....

The perils of working two jobs :

my feet hurt, all the damn time. (that may or may not have to do with the fact that I wear gorgeous heels as often as possible)

I am tired, all the time.

I have no life. (thank you to everyone who is able to consider my brief appearances an addition to their night.)

I never eat. (this is a lie. I eat a lot. Just crappy food on the run, so it feels like I never eat)

I never get to the gym.

I am getting fatter by the day. Double Dangsies.(or maybe not cuz everything still fits but I have lost ALL muscle and replaced it with jiggly stuff instead. Ew)

I miss the people in my life. ( One of my best friends is preggo and I have yet to see that damn bump! ) ( I found out it's a girl today so I'm super excited!)

I have yet to finish my series of children's books. ( which is kind of my bail out from this shiteous economy, so I kinda need to get on that!)

I have yet to put away ONE pile of folded clean clothes (I don't even get points for the folded ones because Roommate made her kids fold them for me while I was at work :) )

I don't have ANY idea what day it is.

Christmas shopping? What? We've already had thanksgiving?

My contacts do not last as long as they should because I sleep in them too often.

My car looks like a bomb went off (another lie, it always looks like that but MORE so when there is a chill in the air because there is NO WAY my ass is getting all that crap out of the car when its cold out. Two trips. Nope I will just start a recycling center in my backseat... YOU'RE WELCOME EARTH!)

I don't feel like I actually make money.( could be my own fault. I have lots of cute new jewelry and clothes and shoes to explain this one)

I don't get to bitch at the ex-boy/current boy for never being available.(He always has and still does work two jobs as well.. always a good match. Two people who are completely unavailable.) today I left one of my jobs. Sadly.
In January I will know what it is like to live like a human and be able to get up in the morning and have some sort of clue as to what day it is. And not in terms of where I am supposed to be.

I will be able to get back to TRI training.
I will be able to breathe.
I will be able to out away my clean clothes ( okay that's pushing it)
I will know what its like to have an ENTIRE day off.
I will be able to make plans for said day off.
I will finish my children's books.
I will write the next great american novel.
I will bake more. (Just ask my coworkers at JobTwo, they got to experience my cookies at the Company Christmas Party last night!)
I won't always be tired.
I will help the kiddies with their home work.
I will be able to see the boy more.

I will be able to ... breathe.
Seriously I've not felt myself take a breath since August.
Can a person go that long without?

I will check the record books and get back to you on that one.

For now. Sleep is king.

Because two weeks notice does not mean I have a day off just yet!

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