Saturday, November 22, 2008

Brookie Brooke Meet Doppleganger.

I am pretty sure I have used the word doppleganger before. And possibly incorrectly.

I don't care. I still won't look it up to see if I am using it any more correct in this post. So don't check. Cuz I don't care.


I was out on Thursday night and ran into a woman I have heard about. All I had heard, was her connection to this crazy guy who comes into JobOne and asks us to wrap these SUPER expensivo presents he's purchased for his GF.

Side note: we don't do gift wrapping at JobOne. But he's all weird and we can usually get him to spend a couple-a bucks in the store so we do it for him. Twice a year. Valentine's Day and her birthday. I guess on Christmas he finds some other sucker to wrap his crap. Probably in the mall. Poor mall workers.

Or maybe the thing he buys are like big shiny Mercedes, so he just puts those huge ass bows on them. Who knows. Either way, he is weird, she dates him. Or did. Or does. Or doesn't now again, but soon will again.

This girl and I, we started talking. She is a tiny little bundle of energy. So right away I already see that we are similar. ( My lack of her super creep ex separates us enough, but kind of worries me about my future as soon as I realize she and I are similar) As we start talking we discover eerily similar things about each other.

She's a Pisces. Not that weird but when you can pin point one from just a conversation... A little weird.And mind you, I know almost nothing about the Astrologizzle stuff. Then as we discuss the men in our lives, the ones that we can't let go of. They are both Virgos. And something in us tells us that deep connection we feel can totally be translated into a fulfilling relationship.

Guess what?! It doesn't. It can't. It won't. If she is any indicator of that, 8 years back and forth with a real live "crazy" is not the path I want to continue on.

Then she says there is this guy who she hasn't given a chance for some reason. For years he has asked her out. Great guy. She is now giving him a chance. He is a pisces as well. Weird.

I swear we were talking about one person. We described our brothers and our relationships with them. Yup, still one person.

Only she was 20 years older than myself.

Note to self: don't be her then, okay to be her now at 23. Not at 43. Divorced with two kids and still effing around with the "wrong" guy.

No thank you.

So I'm pretty sure I got my little vision of the future. Now I just need to figure out how to avoid it. Or kind of. Cuz she's all successful and cute and fun still. So I can still be like her in that aspect.

Or maybe she has nothing to do with my life and it all gets chalked up to coincidence!

To tell you the truth, I'm a little delirious. I woke up at 6am to work an event, a 5k in the blistering windy cold. I am now at JobOne. Only to finish there midday and move on to JobTwo. Maybe I will be home by midnight. Maybe.

Then wake up bright and early to go right back to JobTwo.

Can't someone just pay me enough to work one job? Or is that two much to ask? Being a college dropout and all.


...stay tuned.


  1. wow, that's amazing. how similar you are.

    i hope you take all the little lessons you learned, and avoid being like her!

    two jobs? girl, i admire you!

  2. Oh joy...listening to Michael Jackson sing "Come Together". Not sure if I want to throw computer across room or just post nasty things on your blog for the next year.
    I read the blog you told me about...remember?
    Oh. My. God.
    p.s. it took me 'til the end of your post to realize you were saying "job one" rather than
    {sounds like} "Jabone". You can imagine as I was reading, I was saying, "Brooke, WTF?"


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