Thursday, November 20, 2008

It's too cold to take my pants off.

Holy frigid weather Batman.

The ex texted me last night. "How are you? Staying Warm?"
He knows the answer. Of course I am not staying warm! It is fricken freezing out now. Even snow flurries. Gross.

My thoughts are always as such; If the snow doesn't cover the ground and get me out of work, I want nothing to do with it.
So last night as I was getting ready for bed I realized. It is too damn cold to take my pants off.

Be damned Cosmopolitan writers who say that it isn't sexy to go to bed in 3 layers of sweatpants and a sweatshirt with long black socks on. Under blankets galore and maybe a beanie if necessary. I am hot in more ways then one when I go to bed!

And this is where San Diego comes into play. I've got Tia over there enjoying the Cali kinda weather in November and she's complaining about it. Ungrateful warm weather bitch! (totally kidding Tia, we should trade homes so you can wear your pea coat and I can stop crying)

Granted the SoCal plans are in the very early planning stages but I saw something in the stars aligning when 4 or 5 of my people started talking about doing the travel to Europe thing and then going to SoCal. Really people? Why didn't any of you follow me to L.A. the first time? I could have really used a friend out there, being 19 and on the opposite coast of everyone I knew.

But I'll let bygones be bygones. And now I am thinking about moving to San Diego. Where Cosmo most assuredly writes from because I can totally understand not going to bed in sweatpants out there! But while I'm on the right coast, I am sticking with my super warm 4 dollar target blankets. A possible space heater purchase in the future. And all of my sexy ass sweatpants!

..stay tuned

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  1. sweat pants are my staple. gotta love them. although i dont wear mine to bed. for some reason, i find i'm warmer if i sleep starkers.


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