Thursday, November 13, 2008

Mirror Mirror on the Wall

Holy Shit!Mom? What are you doing here?

OH that's right. There is only one person in this mirror, and it is me. Good trick Mom.

One of my 100 truths is that I am turning into my mother.

Everything I have ever witnessed and made comment to : Like her inability to cut her super gorgeous, super long flowing hair, or anything quirky related to having 3 feet of pin straight long brown hair.Using my hand at the top of my head and flipping it to the side, any sudden movements and people around you saying, "get your hair off me!" Yup. Got it. I want to cut my hair but I love that no one around me has hair like mine.

Luckily another aspect of my mother that has been passed down is her generosity. I love my hair but I want other people to enjoy it. That's why I've donated it before and will again. I want to donate my hair at least 10 times in my life. If it keeps growing at this pace then that should be easy peasy.

Or like her body, no butt but strong legs. ( I used to leg wrestle an old boyfriend and I could hold my own!)

Or like her face that shows her age but in a delicate way, you know she's lived life, a few wrinkles to prove she's laughed along the way but she still looks damn good for her age. I see that "life" creeping in, I am only 23 and I can only pray my face can withstand the way I laugh. (it's more of a cackle)

And it's not Mother's Day or anything, but last night as I combed my hair. Which only happens once in a blue moon. (Long hair = lazy. Duh.) I watched her, with every brush stroke I felt more like her than myself.

And I couldn't help but do a double take. I swear my mother was standing on the other side of that mirror. I don't have any qualms about becoming her clone though. I admire her greatly (but it is freaking weird to experience it). I know the science behind it all, but it still blows my mind.
(The science being that we are kinda genetically linked, the whole mother/daughter thing, she has x chromosomes I have x chromosomes, she has traits that have been passed to me. Blah Blah Blah. Just in case you were wondering. Science was totally my thing, before I dropped out of college... dangsies)

So here's to you Mom. And though I have got some traits that certainly don't come from you. Like the desire to have a cocktail or twelve every now and then. Or the fact that my voice can reach decibels most humans have never fathomed. Or that I cannot stand to not be right. All. the. time. (It's not usually a problem though, being always right and all) Those I clearly get from my father. And to pay homage to my x chromosome that came from him, well this post would have taken a whole different tone.

So Mom,
I can't wait to be you.

...stay tuned!

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