Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Money Talks

I had a conversation with my money this weekend.

It wasn't too happy with being put into my drawer at home instead of in a bank. So it complained a lot about being squished into my wallet on my way down to North Carolina. My money is really finicky. It likes the roominess of a stable bank account where it can just chill and hang out until it can be really useful.

A nice thought. But not practical. I need that shit to work for me. Start doing push ups or something.

So as the conversation went, it had decided that I was 150 dollars too rich.
Yeah?! Me? Rich? Interesting take. I disagreed for a while and said I needed to save more. All I wanted was Andrew Jackson to keep multiplying and just see how many of them I could stuff into one drawer. They didn't take to kindly to that.

So off I went, with a few extra Benjamins than I normally would have taken. I spent pretty wisely. Only 3 cranberry vodkas on Friday. Saturday was spent at Plato's Closet and watching Role Models.(effing hilarious, beeteadub)

Sunday I just drove two hours south and went to see my sister. One margarita and one loss of the Ravens later and I wasn't spending any more money.

And this is where money talks.
It said"did you hear me?I said you were $150.00 too rich!"
Me: "Yeah, I spent some money this weekend. Money that I would have normally saved. And I took off from work so I lost money there too"
Money: "Still not enough."

and second later my left rear tire blew out. On highway 81.

No shock, no worry, no real surprise. My money and my car must have formed an alliance. Long ago. They decided every time I get on my feet and start to get control of my finances, they were going to make sure I knew how high maintenance they really were.

Thanks guys. This is the fourth. Yup, fourth tire that has blown out, or gone flat since I have had my car. Did I mention I've only owned this car for 4 years?
Is that even possible? I would love to rattle off the laundry list of things that my car has also done to prove to me it's still there and I would be no where without it.
But that would probably just piss her off enough to eff with me again sometime soon.

I took preventative measures and bought TWO new tires. I should be good now right?
Oh please Bessy, last me until I move to San Diego (more on that later). I beg of you.

...stay tuned.

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  1. Really, I don't understand why everyone doesn't move to SoCal. You'll enjoy it.


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