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5k Schmive Kay! 4.28.2008

5K Schmive Kay
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Ahhh, the morning after....After my 5k that is. Woke up yesterday and I was going to set out on my way to Richmond, most likely by myself. This 5k is for The Nicole Megaloudis Foundation, a cause very close to my heart... so the fact that I couldn't get any of my family or friends to join me was a major bummer. Until, my lovely roommate Erin woke up and treked with me for the nearly 5 hour roundtrip.I just wish it was easier to get more people in my life to realize what this means to me. I will probably be 40 no 75 years old and still doing 5ks for Nicole, it's just something that I will always make time for and I hope eventually people will catch on and start doing it with me.{ It is only 3.2 miles people!}
Maybe all this training scared everyone away! They are all afraid that I am too bad ass and they can't compete with me any longer. Well let me put that nasty rumor to rest hahaha. At the 5k on Sunday, Erin and I showed up and they were already lining up on the starting line and as she used the restroom and I held Jordy, they yelled "Go!" and so I took off, not giving in to the overwhelming need to use the restroom myself. Crossed the street , found the path and skipped out on paperwork and tried to look like I was supposed to be there! I carried Erin's dog-like thing with me until she came out of the port-a-john and I waved her over to the path we had already set down. We put the dog down on the leash and took off. We were passing person after person and that felt great. But the best part was that as we passed each group the most common phrase we heard was "WHAT is that?" referring to Jordy of course. We quickly explained that she was clearly half squirell, half cat, half dog, part kangaroo, part yoda part gremlin and all Jordy! We couldnt help but laugh and with her on the leash and embarking on her first 5k she was poised to take the lead! If only her human countrparts could keep up!
One lap down and Jordy wasn't gonna make it, neither was I. Not because I was tired but because the likelyhood of my bladder bursting seemed to be growing by the step. So I ran off course and revisited the port-a-pottys and gave the dog to Nicole's mom,Gail. I told Erin to keep going, since this was her first 5k as well I wanted nothing to skew what it would really be like for her. Even though I had to take a potty break I quickly got back on course and set out to catch up with Erin. Well the girl who always says she only likes to run for a little bit and then walk had no walking in her for this race! She was beyond a point where I could catch up with her and not exhaust what was left to finish the entire race. I have blogged before about the fact that most of the time at Nicole's race I would jog two laps and be done. Not only would I be finished I would be panting hard on the sidelines acting like I had just run much longer. This time I was on my third lap when God thought he would test me by giving me those lovely cramps that come once a month right in the middle of the race. On a mostly empty stomach mind you. I thought I was going to die with each step I took. And I allowed myself to think that way for about 40 more steps. And then I put it out of my mind and realized just how easy this was actually going to be. And I finished. With a race time of 29:30 I was pretty proud. I knew there were some other factors that went into that time and I was pretty sure that my finish time would have been closer to Erin's at 25 minutes and some odd seconds, had I not veered off course for a pee break! Either way, we both felt pretty good after that race and I now know to a deeper extent how actually likely it is that I will kick ass at this Triathlon in a month. That's right I have a little over 30 days until my event!
Got my cute new bathing suit in tow most mornings and I am finding it easier and easier to get the swimming part done. My breath control is looking better and better. I do, however think that either due to new found allergies or exercised enduced athsma I am having major difficulty with my breath control on the later miles of the biking and the running. I am working on that too. I went to Potomac River Running last week and finally got some new running shoes. Oh lord do those things help. I ran the 5k with them and I felt this odd sensation. My shins did not feel like they were going to explode!. The entire race! They dont hurt the morning after either! Hallllllelujah! And guess what .. they are Brooks' shoes. They have to be good then, right? I am very pleased and think this will make a huge difference on race day. I am looking into getting some more gear that will aid my journey to becoming a Triathlete. Gosh that still sounds cool to me. I get so jazzed up sometimes just by thinking that I will be able to have this for the rest of my life. I will be a triathlete. Whether I continue .. my first race {and I will} or not, I get to say I am a triathlete. Probably one of the cooler things I have ever done in my life thus far. I do know that I will continue on because I am planning on signing up with Team In Training {like my roommate Brittany is doing for her Rock'n'Roll San Diego Marathon} and I will be doing the Nation's Triathlon. It is in September and this time the distance is Olympic! I can't wait... oh yes I can. First I have to complete {and kick ass in} this one coming up in a month!
So as progress continues I will continue to blog about it... For now I must go ingest some healthy calories and get my new shoes out in the rain some more!
As my Aunt Jeanne keeps telling me.. Run Forrest Run!

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