Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Goodbye 2007.. helllo 2008! 1.7.08

Goodbye 2007.. helllo 2008!
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Here it is a day when I dont have to get up and go to work and I am online at 7am posting my very first blog. I write a ton and I cannot believe this is the first time I am sitting down writing a blog. Anyway, The first week of 2008 has come and gone and I am now starting my brithday countdown... just 2 more months people... get ready. I have a genius plan for my birthday which is sure to go up in flames and turn into another disasterous birthday where I am all alone and another year older. But here's to hoping 23 was as good as 22 is and was.
My lucky number is 2 and or two two's {22}.. so I think this year HAD to be good, seeing as though I dont really remember the greatness that year number 2 brought me. However I have got a lot of great things in my life right now,so 2008 can only get better.
2007 brought me... a big move.. about a half a mile from my dad's house to a townhouse with my lovely roommates. It also brought me a little closer to the fact that my 9 year old brother will be surpassing me in height in a short while. During all of 2007 I got to experience an amazing job. Zazu has changed my attitude on life and a lot of the ways that people see me. I would now use the word "zazooey" to describe myself and oh what an adjective that is!!!!! I got to get in on the ground level of a budding company that could quite possibly take over the world with all of the talent that is put to use inside the walls of Zazu. I got to go on a buying trip to Atlanta to see first hand what it is like to own and run a successful store like Zazu... so we shall see in due time whether I am part of a massive overtaking of the world with the rest of my creative crew... It also brought me my wonderful boyfriend. He continues to amaze me everyday with his work as a firefighter and EMT. He is a big teddy bear underneath his rugged good looks and mountain man attitude. He is also helping me find that I have a sensitive side as well.... who knew? I was never a relationship person before but he swept me off my feet.. and now I may be addicted to love.. or maybe just Nature Boy.
With all of the blessings that have already been bestowed upon me how can I imagine that life could get better? Well, I read The Secret... as many of you know since I have been preaching it to anyone who will listen. And all I know is that if I believe it, it will happen and God do I believe 2008 is going to be a year to remember!

BeeTeaDub.... I want to throw up with all the news of engagements and weddings.. oh congratulations but how is it possible that everyone and their mom got engaged and/or married in the last month.? And I am well aware that I will condradict myself if that fateful day ever comes for me... but for now, the newly relationshipped brooke is holding her barf bag!

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