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Days on End 4.17.2008

Days on end...
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Here it is nearing the end of April and I am back again to write more. I have just gotten home from a long day of work and each of my days lately seems to be longer and longer. I think mostly because, these days I am in a routine where I am up and off to the gym by 730 or 8am every morning. I get in about a two hour workout and then head home to get showered and eat a hearty meal and actually start my day.. Today I was able to fit in a 15 mile bike and a 2 mile run which feels awful and fantastic at the same time. Some days are easier than others and I can just hop on a bike or strap on some shoes or slip into my suit and go... but some days I feel like I can't possibly finish my triathlon. I shouldn't even try. I should just stick to getting fit and healthy and be satisfied with that. But then something kicks me and says.. "WTF you will NEVER be satisfied with just that." I can't freaking wait to show up on race day and actually kick some ass. Today was one of the better days I've had, especially since last night I ran four miles. I mean this was absolutely UNheard of before I started training. I would have never in a million years thought that I would be putting in 10-15 miles a week on my little feetsies. But here I am.
I have to say one huge aspect of continuing training is that I have told every one of my family members that I am doing it and they are cheering me on. What helps is the change that everyone is able to see in me too. I just feel good all the time now. There is something to be said for excercise. Erin and I were talking and I swear if people only knew what it does for you and how easy it is to get hooked on to fitness this world would be so much better off. Excercise is a miracle drug that most people just don't know about yet. Believe you me I am going to be preaching away about it. People know how I like to preach when I find something I truly believe in. Have you heard me talk about "the secret" ? Hahaha

So lots of things are different right now and I think I am starting to get the hang of it.I've had my ups and downs lately. The whole moving out and finding a place to live process has started again and I remember just why I hate it. Every year I seem to get up and go somewhere else. I want to get settled to some extent. I would like to know that in another 12 months I do not have to pack my shit and get on the road again. My love life is a litle rocky these days and it can really take a toll on me and my mental status but luckily I have the endorphins from exercise to keep me going at times. I miss my best friend more than words can say. She is part of me.. so when we aren't together enough, I feel like I lose a little bit of myself. She is scheduled to return soon though, thank God! And she will return a graduate of Virginia Tech, I am so proud of her! Oh and my mother recently asked me to commute up to Baltimore two days a week in order to help my Step-Grandfather heal from recent surgery and all fo the getting old struggles. He isn't doing well right now so I am not even sure if I will be making those weekly trips but what a thought. To fit into my already crazy schedule I would be in Baltimore two days a week and trying to work as much as possible to make up for those days of work lost. So naturally I figure my current place of employment can't possibly cover that for me. I must get a second or technically third job at this point. Oh gosh that is a frightening thought. If my days seem long now, I cannot imagine what they will be like in the coming weeks when I try to fit in three jobs and triathlon training and trying to start my new business without losing my social life too... oh the stresses of being a 23 year old! When it's bad it ain't that bad and when it's good.. it's freaking amazing. So I take all my complaints back and I am going to enjoy the ride.
I got a new bathing suit for my triathlon and I am in love.It is bright green and bright blue.. it's reversible so I am glad that while I will be in the water, if I start to go down.. there will be enough visibility on me that someone can come save the girl in the bright green bathing suit! Not that that will happen. I just finished a conversation with my aunt and she is super motivating. She is is great shape and a wonderful athlete and just happens to be doing a 50 mile bike ride this weekend.. what an inspiration.. gosh i love my life ...
and I cant wait... hopefully I will have much more to write about my new business venture in the coming blogs.. I am working hard and doing some research to figure out just how to get this thing right. So more to come on that note I promise!
Its almost 10 o'clock and I figure I should probably get something to eat now.

Oh and I have only a few more days until Nicole's 5k in Richmond and I am super excited that I will actually be able to RUN this year... and I know I had always planned on that since starting training but I am at the point right now where I know that I can actually do it.
Staying motivated can be tough at times but other times I find inspiration in each person around me. I have an incredible cheerleading team in the ladies that I work with. They tell me day in and day out how proud they are of me. My family thinks I am crazy and that is all the more reason to keep going because if they think I am normal.. then I must be doing something wrong! My roommate is doing her own feat of amazement in that she will be running the San Diego Marathon. Crazy woman I tell you. So she keeps me motivated too And the more results I see when I look at my ever sculpting body I cant help but get more and more addicted to the way I feel. Freaking good. Now don't get me wrong. I have my days where I feel like I can't get enough sleep even if I slept for 3 days straight and I don't want to move because the weather is just not ideal. So in those moments if any of you have words of wisdom or encouragement, feel free to pass them along. I don't use an IPOD when I train so all I have are my thoughts and to hear someones voice in my head to keep pushing me is a great help!
More to come..
Stay tuned!

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