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Rockin my Sienna Millers and watchin' em drop like flies 7.15.2008

Rockin my Sienna Millers and watching them drop like flies...
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So I had this thought all weekend that I was going to write this blog about.. sexuality and the power of sexy words and the the differential of their usage. Which I still am in a roundabout way.
However. I had THE MOST incredible weekend that I may ever have. So in turn I must write about how elated I am at the moment and the events that led up to this jubilation!
Surprise surprise the icing on the cake is that I met someone this weekend. Of course as usual I am reluctantly head over heels giddy and gushing about him. I met him just hours after arriving in Dewey... (how can I not love that place?)
We got ready and headed to the Starboard. Good ol' Starboard. The girls and I.. meaning Morgan of course and my new friend Laura Christ haha. Walked in VIP which is always a good start to the night. Laura had met some friends and wanted us to hang out with them. They were a crowd of gay men. Well... not the typical gay men. You couldnt tell most of these guys were gay. Especially the 6 foot 4 New York cop. He ended up being my favorite. Shocker, I found a way to pick a fight with the biggest guy there and he turns out to be my new best friend. Anyway, there I was, running my mouth;making people laugh and pissing people off all at the same time. But God do I live for the moment when people are taken aback by my words and then proclaim " I like her , she's fiesty" that and any similar phrase is like music to my ears. So while doing that and shaking my ass to the "good" songs I stumble upon a super cute guy who starts talking to me. Well hours later he is proclaiming his love for me and I can just feel the genuineness of his words. It sounds stupid but to hear " God, you are sexy" is such a high. I felt good that night but it's amazing what one persons words can do to you. The point I am trying to make is that earlier in the night I had a random guy come up to me on the street and tell me that my "tits are fantastic" ... think that guy got a reaction from me? No, a simple thank you and I was on my way. He wasn't sincere in any fashion. Well maybe he did honestly mean that I had great boobs, but it had nothing to do with me as a person. So it only comes off as smarmy and insincere. Whereas someone like the new guy looks and me, takes all of me in and tells me to "stop" and when I ask "stop what?" and he replies with "can you stop being sexy for just a minute?" It makes women melt. It does. I can tell you there are different levels of words with women. Pretty, Gorgeous, Smoking, Cute, Hot, Sexy... they all mean something totally different oddly enough. And every woman has that one word that means the most. For me gorgeous always hits me in the heart but sexy sends me into another world. And I just love how different people can make you feel like you are on top of the world. So sparing the steamy details I have found a new tryst to try to schedule into my life!
After that being my Saturday night I didnt think Sunday night could follow it up.

It did.

We proceeded to soak up the sun during the day and then head to the Rusty Rudder for round two of Dewin the Dew. Burnt Sienna always plays on Sunday nights there so we knew we were in for a good time regardless. The same asic crew met up.. minus the new boy, he returned home that morning much to my shagrin. However I did get a "goodmorningsexy " text to wake up to and you'd think the novelty would wear off by then. Nope it send me into a tailspin that I cannot forsee having a good night without this fantastic new guy by my side telling me how intoxicated he is by me.
I try anyway.
The Rudder as usual is filled with onlookers who sit atop a bench and cat call to the girls who strut their stuff and drop it down low. Of course the dance floor and I go way back so my girls and I were indeed those girls ..There again is the difference between a guy who says something, means it and gets somewhere versus the guy who just makes a comment to hear himself talk to a pretty girl and gets no where. If he can look you in the eyes, before or after he already looked over every other inch of you and you can see that he likes something other than your suggestive dance moves or your well displayed assets .. and believe me gents, it isn't hard to tell the difference. If that occurs then the girls are like putty in your hands. All they want is to recreate that moment where you are awe struck by their beauty and you can't help but to want to learn more about the beautiful creature in front of you. And not the obligitory oconversation you have with the only intentions being able to get to see those suggestive dance moves off the dance floor.
And as we were leaving, shots deep and my mouth running like it never has before. I had an audience mind you, which only fuels my fire. My new giant gay friend has the same sick sense of humor and we were on a roll. As we struted home I had a clinger. I didnt mind because I can handle my own. We nicknamed him Jeffrey Daumer cuz he seemed like the type to maybe want to wear my skin as a suit if I had gone anywhere near his place... and I was ripping him a new one everytime he opened his mouth but he was of the breed of gentleman who love to get abused by women. He said multiple times that my bitchiness was attracting him further. Thats when I start to turn off the comedy routine and start telling him the truth about where this night was going. Oblivious JD kept following us and it amazed me that in the span of 24 hours I felt I had met every type of guy there is to meet. Gentlemen and scholars, losers and jerks. Hot and Not, gay and straight. And they all seem to have a different approach when it comes to attracting women... it got me thinking.
Then the night came to an end and Morgan and I again traipsed back to our stomping grounds of First Street. Monday came along and I had had too many laughs, tons of kisses and lots of sun. I didnt think it could get better. I was still talking to this new guy which was a good sign and kept me from wanting any more of what Dewey may have to offer. Little did I know what it was going to offer me then....
Monday was spent mostly by myself since Morgan had to work. .. went for a run... a good long run and I felt better because the last few weeks I felt that I couldnt possibly be in the shape my eyes were telling me I was in. I hadnt worked out like I should have been and yet the mirror was my best friend. Well the other shoe dropped and the mirror snapped me back to reality and I felt like poop. I waffled between wanting to go out again and wanting to just sit at home and play mario kart until my thumbs bled. What changed my mind quickly was a phone call from Morgan.... it went something like this. Come pick me up I am off work and I served Luke Wilson at my table tonight." Ummm what? .She was serious and I was just out of the shower and still feeling a bit ... bleh. I dont know how else to describe it. It doesn't matter I was going to meet Luke Wilson! Well we got ready in record time and went out.. this time to our faithful companion... The Lighthouse. And there they were. Now I wasn't lucky enough to actually meet Luke himself. I just got his entourage. But they were pretty damn entertaining. Soon enough it was Luke Wilsons buddy falling for my best friend. He was totally smitten. And then like that... we were in. We were now being offered anything out little hearts desired to contunue this good time.Little did I know that the 6 foot 4 gorgeous man who was barely paying attention to me was actually smitten with me as well. Did I mention he was freaking gorgeous? So here we are two little 5 foot nothing best friends charming the pants off of Luke Wilson's boys. Not literally of course we both had to work in the morning so we went home with each other. Which only made them fall in love with us more...

And there you have it. My life. My weekend and I am on cloud nine right now. The new boy keeps texting me and he is the only one who really has potential out of all those guys. In the 72 hours I was in Dewey I felt I got approached with all kinds of game and the one that won. Sincere hearted sexy speaking smooth mover Scott.

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