Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Tri training Baby! 3.10.2008

So I am in week 3 of my tri training and I had planned on blogging a little more frequently to document my progress. However week 3 is the first chance I seem to have had to sit down and write. So here it is.
I cant believe how far I have already come in just 3 weeks. I still have 10 weeks to go. I am fueled by the conviction that I am going to have a rocking body by then and that will feed the addiction to fitness and/or mroe triathlons. I am already seeing results... it's crazy.
Though I would like to think that my body didn't have far to go to get into TRI shape. Clearly by the slimming and trimming already in progress I think that the physical aspect is the easiest to measure. But I feel strides ahead of where I was in February. The first time I got into the pool I was convinced that I would need floaties one race day because drowning was iminent. Today I am already able to swim the TRI distance of a half a mile. I am not swimming it very fast but I am working on my form for now. I have got plenty more weeks to hone in on speed.

The cycling aspect was what originally attracted me to the triathlon. I am a bit mroe confident in this portion of the race than anything else. I feel like I could do a Century ride later this summer... which, given some of my family members accomplishments in this field I will have quite a crew to join me should I choose to take on this feat after the triathlon. But back to the task at hand.
The running is going to be BY FAR the most difficult for me to endure. I have hated running for as long as I can remember. I am fueled by competition and back in the days of competitve softball playing I would only run to beat my teammates. I hated every second of it and still even then never ran more than 3 miles. Well that was a while ago. It seemed a mile was just enough to set a flame every msucle in my body. I am quite proud that in just these two weeks I can run two miles! Now I have a milestone that I will need to accomplish before the triathlon. And that is what my last blog was about. The Nicole Megaloudis 5k I am going to run it this year. It is only 3.2 miles but a good point in my training to make sure that I am on track. I plan on running that sucker and freaking kicking ass. That is the one downfall of my training. I am trying desperately to stick to my regimen and not push myself too hard. But I am pretty damn good at getting into my own head and convincing myself that "if you aint first, you're last" -Ricky Bobby's Dad
Obviously that quote stuck with Ricky Bobby and his belief in it led to his downfall. I am trying to keep in mind what Joe Friel { a much more respected athlete with a few more credentials as well} said and that is to set the goal of your first tiriathlon " cross the finish line with a smile on your face" and thats it. Course it would be a lot easier to smile if I was first!! I keep debating taking an IPod to the gym. To distract me and take me out of my head and just let me go. But I feel it is actually one of my strengths. I do not rely on beats or catchy songs to pump me up. I can do it all on my own. Besides you aren't allowed them on race day so why use them now?

Well, I recently celebrated my 23rd birthday. Or as I like to call myself... my Michael Jordan.. I allowed myself a few days of downtime to celebrate with all of the wonderful people in my life! I feel very blessed when this time of year comes around. I got more birthday eve wishes and happy birthday wishes than I can count. I had a fantastic group of friends and family join me for a trip to Dave and Buster's. It doesn't happen very often that I can get most of my siblings together, much less both of my parents in the same room. I was ecstatic and can't thank each and every one of them enough. The gift theme for this year? My triathlon, of course! I got new sports bras, new shorts, dri fit shirts , socks and much more. I am super excited about my moms gift which is a kitchen aid mixer. Who knows what kind of baking I can do with that sucker. I wont be baking for a while though, I have 3 cakes and a cheesecake to give away to those who can eat it. Tri training dictates, cake = bad. And although I allowed myself the few days off. I am back now and no more partying for me. My younger brother turns 21, a few days after St. Patrick's Day. And I had to pick this time to be in training? Dangit bobby. But no more alcohol for me. And especially no more cake.
One important part of my tri training?... sleep. I have not yet gotten a great pattern down of working out in the morning, going to work, then working out some more at night and getting to sleep at a decent hour.
And as the weeks pass, the blogs will come. For now, the sleep is king.
Thank you again to everyone who has already helped to make my 23rd year, my best year yet!

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