Friday, October 3, 2008


Holy weather report Batman! I seriously have to learn to take 5 minutes and check out the weather each day. Instead I usually like to look out my bedroom windows and take a guess as to how I should dress in accordance to how I think it feels outside. (think being the keyword here)

I woke up today, (nice and slow because I don't have to be anywhere today!!) and I took a look outside and saw the wind blowing. I assumed it was just as cold as it was yesterday so the little spandex and Ravens zip up weren't going to cut it.
Back into the closet I go.

...I take a look and pick my super soft VT sweatshirt and the thickest pair of Jeans I can find. Did I mention that I hate the cold?
I step outside to go run some errands before my BFF gets here and


Hello nice weather. Hello warmth. Hello stuffy leather interior.
And bye bye sweatshirt.

Underneath luckily I had the always classy wife beater on. I was headed to Wal-Mart so I guess it's better that I wear the attire of the indigenous people. So as not to stick out while I am there, I like to remain undetected in that place. (At times it can be rather scary just walking through those doors, but that is a whole 'nother blog)

On my way I see what I have determined to be one of the more hilarious things in recent times. Mostly because it pertains to my life in a sad, real way.
A car in front of me has one of those bumper magnets. Oval shaped white magnet with black letters and a black outline. It's on a jeep of some sort. I see the letters

.. and I think to myself. Where the hell is that place?
I have seen OBX and for the locals OCM but DNR?

Then I think... "do not resuscitate"? Which the year of nursing school taught me stood for DNR.

Oh. My. God.
I need one of those stickers.

...for my car!
Seriously I love my car. It is a lovely Dodge Stratus (refer to Will Ferrell skit on SNL)
It is 10 years old and has been, well, resuscitated a couple of times. (WAY more than I can even count)
I can't even begin to explain the seemingly random and always disastrous events that have happened to me while driving that car. Nothing that hasn't made me a better person today (and way more equipped, flat tire? got it. Dead Battery? No problem. Overheating? Seriously I can handle anything now)

But I digress, this post was more about the comedy of the situations my car has put me in (not the severity of life and death situations it has also put me in) So to me a huge "DNR" sticker on my car would be so appropriate.

Because after a new transmission, some major engine fixes, huge alignment issues, 3 blown tires and possessed wiper blades I think it may be time to put my car to rest if and when (please be later rather than sooner!) it finally has another misadventure. Bessy,(Which is what I name all my cars) has been good to me. Especially for what I paid for her. But if she suffers another mishap I think it's time to get her to sign a "DNR"

...stay tuned.
Off for another fabulous friday, if Morgan would get here already!


  1. Love the DNR sticker. If you find it, let me know. I think those stickers are called "Euro" stickers or "Euro Ovals."You're not alone - today I wore a big sweater because it "looked" cold. By noon I was drenched & not a happy girl. Tomorrow I'll make a better decision based on how it looks outside.

  2. I need a DNR sticker for my car too!

    I completely do the same thing with the weather, except the opposite way. I always think it looks warm outside, but then when I get out there it's freezing. My co-workers think I'm some freak of nature when I get to the office because they'll all be wearing sweaters and I'm in a t-shirt.


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