Thursday, October 30, 2008

I'm no sucker for advertising and this is how I can tell...

I just discovered fleece. (don't laugh)

I kid you not. Remember way back when, when Old Navy was all about the Performance Fleece. There were commericals a plenty and people sporting them everywhere you went. So naturally everyone got on that bandwagon.

Yeah, not this girl.
Either too poor for even Old Navy or I was rebelling against what the masses were doing. (Too cool for school)

So as I was walking through Nordstrom Rack,(there was no need for me to be there except my pretend need for a "belt", well I did need the belt but I knew I was getting the 8 dollar one at WalMart when I walked through the doors but I just had to peek, it's been a while. )

...wait let me back up. And tell you why fleece was even on my mind.

My younger sister is a fleece freak. Well maybe she just likes them a lot, but this girl has asked for and gotten multiple fleece jackets for Christmas. See I save up my Christmas presents. Like this year I am going to ask for all the stuffs associated with training for a triathlon.(Again.) Like a bike rack,really expensive Zoot suits and what not.
Not the shit I can buy myself...

like a fleece.

Sure she likes the really expensivo ones and I'm sure they are even better. But, just yesterday I purchased my first Columbia fleece jacket. All black, and kids sized none the less.

I figured if my sister is asking for these suckers for Xmas, they gotta be good. I seriously don't even recall putting on someone else's fleece, ever and falling in love like I did yesterday on my way to work wearing only a tank top in this, what feels like 12 degree weather. (probably closer to 50's but I'm a baby) I literally had a smile plastered on my face while driving to work realizing that 25 dollars on this jacket that I did not need, was the best 25 dollars I spent yesterday (probably all week). Not the super cute Chinese Laundry heels. Not the really nice strapless bra. The jacket was king.

I'm still wearing it. I wore it to bed even.

So in conclusion. Don't waste your advertising dollars on me,cuz I will not buy it just cuz you tell me too. Sure it may be great, and there is a reason that it catches on and has hundreds of commercials about its greatness, and followers a plenty but I, I do what I want.
Except for that one time in college during the Super Bowl that the Taco Bell ad came on and Morgan and I got up and immediately drove to get a crunchwrap supreme.(holy crap those things are good.)

..stay tuned.

Oh and I have plenty more to dish just not the time to do so. I'm sure you are all aware of the Holiday coming up tomorrow. Yeah, I'm in major prep mode. But besides that I got a random text from the ex last night, new boy at work developments, asked out on a date by 40 year old, and much more... to come. So seriously...stay tuned.


  1. The upside of the same company owning Old Navy, Gap, and Banana Republic is that they can run ads for the same product (like, say, a performance fleece - what kind of performance are we really expecting from it? Stanley in 'Streetcar?'), and it makes it seem like everyone in the world is demanding one.

    Luckily, I'm usually too lazy to leave my house to join whatever the mob's doing, though I do like burning down the castles of scientists.

  2. Luckily you can buy Gap and Old Navy etc. on the web now, haha.

  3. Oh Yeah! Just like how you completely rejected the whole skull and crossbones trend? Sort of like that?
    LY :)


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