Thursday, October 2, 2008

My ipod failed me.

Off for another run this morning. Gosh I feel good!
But I have to keep fidgeting with my ipod.

Next song.

Next song.

This one isn't bad....wait, no... next song.

Who the heck put these songs on here?
...dangit bobby, that was me. What the hell was I thinking? These aren't working out songs! Everybody knows you need to create a very specific list of well crafted tunes to put on a workout play list.Oh silly Brookie.

I just tossed like 40 songs on there to try it out.
The dilemma is that I no longer have access to my Itunes. It is on my computer and my computer is sitting in a box in my closet with no internet connection to speak of. And now I will be forced to listen to those crappy songs, over and over again. OR (say it really loud) I could just stop working out again! (Bad Brooke, triathletes can't be this lazy!)

So if we are keeping count that is two. Yup two ipods that have failed me now. The first one is an ancient decrepit ipod mini (remember those? Mini? Ha! That thing is HUGE compared to the one I have now!) And that lasted me a couple months before the audio jack output (the small one at the top) no longer wanted to work with ear buds. The audio jack for an I-home (the big one at the bottom) just fine. So that sucker is permanently stuck on my kitchen cabinet hanging ihome. Which was great last year when I had kitchen cabinets to hang it from and a kitchen all my own. (Well I shared it with 3 other girls but they quickly learned that loud music in the kitchen is not an option in my life, thanks mom.)

And yet now I have the perfect running buddy, a teensy tiny little nano, with a crappy play list. (Why can't I have the play list that is on my own blog?!)

So ask me how far I got in my run today. Wait no, don't ask, don't tell. Right?

And I have started a new game to pass the time while switching between bad songs....
Squirrel Displacement Count (how many squirrels lives I can interrupt by running on the path.)
Yesterday I got to 5 and today was only 2.
Like I said.
NOT a good run day.

The really superb part of everything though is that my bestest bestie best lover friend is coming home tomorrow. Oh Morgie, how I missed thee. So, fat and slow I may be but without a best friend this weekend I will not be! I can only assume the fabulous Fridays tradition will continue tomorrow as planned!

...stay tuned.

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  1. Hi Brookie :)
    Me too have crappy iPod. It's moody and will only sync when the stars are aligned just right. I have found that Pink Floyd is just not inspiring running music (although Brucie would beg to differ, the athlete that he is). I sometimes am forced to play the alphabet game with car license plates which usually pisses me off right around "B".
    Love your blog...I'll keep following. Check out mine, too.


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