Thursday, October 30, 2008

Freak my freak.

I am having a moment.
I am completely freaking out.

One of those moments where you know no one is watching but the smile is plastered on your face. Tears well up and you don't know what to do. Your insides are all squirmy and you feel you may pass our from sheer excitement.

Right now. Having that moment.

I just got an invite that suggests that one of my oldest (in length of knowing her, not age) friends is preggers. Ew. Did I just say preggers?

Anyway, there are about 8 girls in our close little group. We range in geographical location from Pennsylvania down to North Carolina to California right now but once upon a time we all lived near each other. From the dorms to off campus housing at VT. This particular friend I have actually been friends with since freshman year of high school.

Girl got married two years ago. Besides that blowing my mind, she said she was sending us a little something. We all got messages on Facebook and we were going back and forth asking her what it was. We suggested motherhood but she laughed at us. (since I've known her she has said she wasn't having kids 'til 26.) She is barely 23.

And that girl is totally pregnant. I have no one else to share it with though. I live about 30 minutes from her so I got the invite first. I almost flipped my lid.

This is how the Facebook chat went with all of us...

Mom to be: Hey guys - can you all message me with your address... somewhere I can send something in the next week?? Thanks :)

yay mail!.. (writes her address)(from Pennsylvania)

Hart of Hearts...(address blah blah blah) and miss you all! (from North Cackalacky)

Bethel Bananas
hiii...(sends her address) all the way in California...miss you!

Bestie Best: ..writes her address, and says her hellos to all of us.

are you gonna send someone to kidnap us all so we can all finally be in the same place at the same time? Cuz I will just go willingly!

..after being funny, I write my address too

Shitty: (yes that is a real nickname that she answers to)
heyyy guyss..sorry i was out of town this weekend.
miss you all! .. includes her postal info.

Mom to be:Thanks Everyone - be checking your mail Wednesday/Thursday-ish :)

Jugs: Stover(unbeknownst to us, the mom to be) you're making me nervous!!

Mom to be:Haha - oh my gosh... nothing to be nervous about. Just a little "hello", that's all :)

A few days later..
Mom to be: Hey guys - the things I ordered are back ordered :( Probably next week - sorry for the delay - miss you all! We still need to plan a mass WAJ (that's what we call ourselves, don't judge it's the dorms initials, we were cool back then!) trip to the vineyards!!

Jugs:ooooh what did you order!!!! im so excited!!

Shitty: yeaaaa get that bad boy rolling! and Jay wheres this thing I'm expecting? ....or must we wait a few months? 9....?

..this is completely Hart of Heart's fault btw.

Me: she said it was backordered, is that a new term for the gestation period?

Bestie Best:Haha so glad I'm not the only one with that thought... J is messing with our heads!

Mom to be: What is a gestation period??? It's just something small... nothing big to stress over. Sorry for missing everyone and wanting to do something cute :P

oh jay i love and miss you! we thought you were sending us a picture of your occupied uterus!! it is still vacant right? green strip not red? hahah love you miss you girls sooo mcuhhhh

Me: (now backing away from my original thought process) haha oh gosh, gestation period is the time it takes for a baby to grow... annnyywho.. we love you for getting us together like this and I can't wait for the notebook to come my way! I miss you all!

Hart of hearts: She is messing with our heads.

Mom to be: Hart of Hearts you need a hobby

Mom to be: Mailed yesterday

Jugs: woooo i cant waittttt i never get anything but bills and I'm so excited for some snail mail lovin! miss uuu

...yup she fooled us.... well kinda . We were all onto her at some point, but she did a good job of throwing us off the scent. But now I cannot contain myself.
I did call my best friend Morgan. She let me ruin the surprise for her. She is in North Carolina so it'll be days before she gets it.

Days I said.

I cannot wait days people!!!

This is BIG freaking news!

She was the first one to get married and now the first one to pop out a baby. We have to go all out. And believe you me I am going to be the party planner. I planned her bachelorette party. Quite the success I tell you. Though I can tell you no more. We were sworn to secrecy.

Anyway. Thanks for listening. One of my best friends is going to have a baby. This is freaking awesome. I will get to tell the little one all about that time in ninth grade that Mommy pulled out Motion Lotion and licked it off her own arm. Exclaiming "it really does taste good"

You're going to be a great mom!

....stay tuned.


  1. that is very exciting for you friend and you all.

  2. You know what this means, smarty? It means that you're getting older (FINALLY). I may just have to go out and find a new young, hip friend.


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