Friday, October 24, 2008

Take a breath..

I don't feel like I should be out of bed. I have one of those nagging sickness knocking on my door. Achy head neck and back, yup. Sore throat, yup. Scratchy voice, tired eyes, you name it. So how can I possibly post today? Well I decided to do a little post about things I have learned in the last week.

Seriously, everyday I find something new and interesting out, whether about the world or myself.You know, learning. It's good for you or something.

So here it is,
Brookie's observations du jour:

1.If you are looking for hot guys...

Go to the pumpkin patch. Seriously!

I mean besides the clearly not hot ones that look like they should be perched in a corn field to scare away the crows. For every 3 of those there is a gorgeous man toting around some punkins! Sure he may also be toting some tots too. I didn't say they were single guys but there are some hot dads roaming around that's for sure. I don't really want them you know like I would want single hot guys but, I do like their presence though because it makes me go "that is what I want my husband to look like when we have kids" (that sentence is comical all on it's own)

2. Sleep is underrated. Okay that one is for the sick me who is still crying that I have to take a shower and get dressed and function as a human today and it is already (read: only) noon.

3. The art of biting one's tongue needs to be more widespread. I don't understand people who cluelessly say hurtful or rude things and keep on their merry ways. Guess what people. Not everyone cares what you think. Not everyone wants the break down of why you just said the imbecile like thing you just said. And not everyone wants to further carry on a conversation with you after you've said something so out of line.

For example, when someone verbally attacks me,(good intentions be damned) you better believe that I will fight back, verbally. But when someone thinks that she is better equipped to take me down verbally she better look in a mirror and deflate her own arrogant head because I am well skilled at the art of holding back, until need be. And then you are in for a tongue lashing. Or even a beating because I am certainly not above (as Coral from The Real World put it..) beating bitches up.Just because I am more refined and don't commonly say things that either
a. people laugh at incessantly because it was kinda stupid
b. people are caught so off guard they mask their displeasure with awkward smiles.

No, typically when I speak if I am not intentionally making people laugh, it is usually good for something else. Be it, knowledge or praise or something equally as wonderful. I open my mouth and more good things come out than bad. And there are some people in this world whose ratio of good to bad is tipped in the wrong direction.
Closing their mouths more often may just help that.
So in conclusion, "if you ain't got nothin' nice to say, don't say it at all"
..bitches.(that was my inner Paris coming out.)

4. When you put your mind to something, it can be done and with great success.
My newest best friend E is a fantastic example of this. She is a 24 year old working girl (in a the WG1 and WG2 sort of way.) who just put on a fund raiser for Pick's Disease which is something her family is dealing with right now. That girl almost single handedly raised 12 thousand dollars with one 5k. Let me say that again. One girl, one event, twelve thousand dollars.
How can you not be WOWed by that. God love her, I am so proud to know her. Anyway in the midst of dealing with a sick parent, a demanding job , a house full of boys (one being her boyfriend) this girl set out to put on an event. She set her mind to it and she busted her ass and she did some incredible things in the process.
I am so proud of her!

5.No matter how much you hide the fact that you are Queen of the Procrastinators, you will be found out.
And I don't even have more time for this post because I have to go meet my father at the DMV an hour away from here so I can put the title of my car in my name(after owning it for 4 plus years) which I could have easily done by myself had I any clue where the title was and/or is currently. Oh yay.

and just a day later I have more to add...

6.If you just wait long enough people will show you their inherent stupidity.
For example. When going into the DMV or MVA (or whatever place you go to, to get your license and tags and all that super fun stuff that makes you question your very existence while you wait in the seemingly never ending line and listen to a womans soft but slightly irritating voice call everyones number but yours until you want to pull your own teeth out and then you get called, lucky you, and you go to the teller only to find out you have the wrong form) type place; well whenever you go in there, knowing it will be at least a 15-20 minute wait (at the very least!) do you think to bring your babies in? Well, let's say you have oh i don't know, two kids. Both under the age of two, one closer to a newborn. Would you think "oh you know, I will just run in real fast and leave my kids strapped in their car seats while I just take care of some important documents real quick."
Why not?
Oh cuz you have a heart?

That's nice, apparently this lady didn't.

So as I was leaving ( go me! My car is finally in my name, and my license has the right address and its horizontal now with a picture that isn't of me when I was 17, and I'm registered to vote, AND I have new tags and registration.. Gosh I am good!) We noticed two kids screaming crying with the windows cracked ( genius i tell you, the window down just low enough to let fresh air in and to also provide anyone with access to her kids or her car. Someone give her a badge)and I just can't believe how unbelievably stupid people just are. It shouldn't shock me but it does. My heart breaks a little every time someones stupidity puts children in danger. So as much as I would love to root for the human race, it's people like that who take up space and make me think we are all doomed.

I have many more observations but I think I will just start Observation Friday. Where I point out something that may or may not be poignant, relevant, or even observational but will certainly be comical, except for when stupid people do stupid things. Then I will have to rant like Peter Griffin with "You know what really grinds my gears".

..stay tuned.

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  1. Brookie :))
    Yet another reason why I love you...You like Family Guy! Let's start our own show..."you know what really grinds our gears?"

    P.S. Number three...I must know all.


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